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Aurelia Wave

The most important part of a machine is the person behind it

In the beginning there was Aurelia, the first machine in the world with an ergonomic certification. With Aurelia II we have reached new standards in ergonomics and today we can say that the new Aurelia Wave is the most ergonomic machine ever. Try it, and find out how easy it can make your job. With its new patented Auto-purge system, the cleansing of the sprayheads happens automatically when unplugging the filter holder. The Milk-light now only activates when using the wands, ensuring functionality and energy savings. We have also repositioned the dispensing buttons in order to allow you to press the buttons directly with the thumb of the same hand used to engage the filter holder. After all, what is the purpose of technology if not improving human life?

Smart Water Technology

Water is a key element for coffee and has a great impact on both beverage quality and machine reliability. Thanks to Smart Water Technology, Aurelia Wave detects basic water parameters and warns when quality changes. This may seem only logical, but no coffee machine had ever done it before, despite the water being responsible for 50-70% of reliability issues. This way, the barista can be certain of water quality and can save in machine maintenance. The wave of Aurelia Wave is a pure and simple revolution and the benefits to you are clear and transparent.

Pulse-Jet Technology

Today Nuova Simonelli reaches a new milestone in the extraction science with Pulse-Jet, the new patented technology that optimizes the flowrate and water pressure during the dispensing phase. The result? You can explore extraction profiles that were never tried before: a spectrum of aromas, nuances, nose and palate sensations that will amaze you and will bring a smile of satisfaction when you will try a coffee you’ve never tasted before.  Because technology is nothing to us, if it is not useful to improve your profession and the daily happiness of your customers. 

Digital Information

The new Aurelia Wave is the first professional coffee machine with a remote control interface so comprehensive and easy to use. With a simple touch you will have full control over all the steps of extraction, preparation, dispensing and cleaning. Every technical aspect of the machine will be under your eyes. To improve your performances easily, the Espresso Management System allows you to view hourly, daily, weekly and monthly statistics with the possibility to compare them and find the best practices. All information is at your fingertips, even from your smartphone.



Aurelia Wave has been designed to contain energy consumption and improve environmental impact. You can always count on of its eco-sustainability. Respecting and improving the world we live in is a true mission of Nuova Simonelli - one of the goals we have set for ourselves since the first stage of designing a new machine. A great commitment for us, a great saving for you.

Makes your business environmentally friendly

Guaranteed savings in energy consumption

The machine is more consistent with environmental certifications



Without a good grind you do not get a good cup of coffee. For this Nuova Simonelli has created a range of grinders that ensure a professional result that lives up to all expectations.


Instant grinding is a guarantee of freshness and fragrance. The coffee does not lose its aromas enhancing its essence. Following extensive research, Nuova Simonelli has developed a wide range of On Demand grinders, with innovative technology that gives an optimum grind with any type of coffee and consistent long term quality to give impeccable service.


Mythos One is an On Demand grinder dedicated to coffee specialists, the first to include Clima Pro Technology. Clima Pro Technology utilizes a thermal stability system that grants maximum consistency of each dose.


Mythos Clima Pro

The Mythos Clima Pro is an On Demand grinder dedicated to coffee specialists and enthusiasts alike. Building on the Mythos Basic, Nuova Simonelli’s designers went to the drawing board with professional baristas, to solve some of the largest issues facing coffee shops. Together they came up with the Mythos Clima Pro.

Mythos Plus

The Mythos Plus is our solution to inconsistent tamping pressure. Giving the barista the ability to quickly and consistently tamp coffee grinds insures high productivity with amazing results.

To use it a barista simply grinders the coffee and presses down the lever till it clicks. This signifies that the optimal pressure has been achieved.

Mythos Basic

While being a basic model this machine is anything but that. Having the ability to grinder coffee quickly on demand with almost no holdback makes this one of our premium grinders. Not to mention the three programmable dosage options, on and off dosage mode, and a barista mode, that comes standard on all models.

Easy Maintenance

Nuova Simonelli grinders are simple to set up, easy to clean and quick to maintain. At each service a record is kept of the grinder’s settings so it can be quickly restarted, with no waste of coffee

Multi-Function LCD Screen

An advanced electronic system manages every step in the grinding, so the barista can control every function. A practical and intuitive control panel guarantees maximum flexibility of usage.

Special Steel Burrs

Designed and built with innovative technologies that guarantee effective grinding and  are designed to avoid overheating the coffee, preserving the organoleptic values.

 Micrometric Adjustment

This system goes beyond the traditional “intermediate settings” allowing extremely precise grind size.

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