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Eversys Enigma E'4s Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Eversys has successfully achieved its goal of combining the functionality of an automatic machine with the in-cup quality of an expert barista.  
Eversys machines mimic the functionality of traditional coffee drink preparation with electronic grinder adjustment, precision brewing, extraction optimization as well as thermo­dynamic integrity which produces the quality, consistency and productivity that lead to delicious coffee.



Eversys has always aimed to bridge the gap between the worlds of traditional and super-automatic machines to elevate the role of the barista to a higher level of creativity, in order to let human skills flourish.

“In many ways, Super Traditionals are still unexplored territory. It’ll continue to test the future of customer service, coffee quality, and consumer expectations. But the thing that will really transform this landscape, is that well-made coffee will no longer be an exclusively hand-made product. Once you realize that, the business model has to change.”. Champion Barista, Matt Perger.

Modular System Design

The Eversys range is built in modular format, enabling trained technical personnel to redress a malfunction through the simple exchange of modules, minimizing downtime and optimizing customer satisfaction. Support

Grinder Module

Our machines are equipped with two grinders allowing for two parallel recipes to be set up at a time, and you can even choose to dose some powder from each grinder and produce it through a singular extraction. The ventilation, which is set below the bean hoppers, drives out unwanted heat and moisture. Electronic control maintains consistency of product throughout the day.

Steam/Water Unit

The steam/water unit provides temperature consistency and unsurpassed productivity.

Milk Unit

Milk is frothed with steam - like a traditional barista - through a set of reactors, ensuring optimal texture and taste.

Hydraulic Module

The hydraulic module is dedicated to the sole production of coffee, 1.6 liters of water guarantee unfettered productivity.

Brewing Unit

The brewing chamber holds up to a significant 24g of coffee, allowing fir a wide range of brewing recipes. The Reverse Extraction brewing system optimizes powder efficiency as the espresso is produced.

are entirely focused on enabling you and your customers to be in total control of your coffee solution, creating a bespoke environment that is aligned with your specific business needs, goals and expectations.

Future Proof Your Coffee Equipment

Our telemetry technology provides you with tailor-made connectivity solutions designed to support your business needs. This creates transparency, performance and information flow to seamlessly integrate all of the customer’s key performance indicators into a pull/push reporting mechanism.

Connectivity Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world of technology, it has become critical for businesses to acquire the ability to communicate with their assets. 

Eversys connectivity options provide 3 potential business solutions, tailor-made services that are designed to support all of your business needs; e’Connect, e’Connect API and e’API. These solutions enable different types of information to flow seamlessly to and from stakeholders, seamlessly integrate customer KPI’s, technical performance, consumption data, maintenance real-time.

This, in turn, enables management to make sound decisions based on facts.

e`Connect API

You can edit text on your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box a settings menu will appear. your website by double clicking on a text box on your website. Alternatively, when you select a text box

Automated Logistics

A significant benefit that the automatic management of Vend Data provides is the ability to contribute a behind-the-counter, retailer-operated secure dispensing system. This enables employees to easily manage the sale and supply of coffee products.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance management offers a variety of features such as automatically creating tasks in your service platform, planning water filter exchanges or implementing your own alerting system.

Monitor Your KPI's

The company's ERP can fetch the telemetry data via the e`Connect API. There are different levels of data (machine data, view data, and dashboard data).

Payment Extension

By using only a little external controller you can implement a payment solution using the machine display for user interaction. 

You have the flexibility to select whatever payment system you wish to provide. you have full control of the messages displayed on the screen.

Vending Machines

In this case, our e'API is used to providing full remote control on your device. Our machine is often not visible and becomes a module, a part of a bigger solution.

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