Venus Century 3 Groups Auto


Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine Limited edition for a precious collection item.

Only 100 of these machines were produced. This is #034. The first Machine, #001 was presented to the Pope for his personal use.

Model Venus Century
Groups 3
Net weight 76 Kg
Gross weight 86 Kg
HE. power 2600 W
Boiler cap. 12 lt
Dimension L 490 mm - A 1070 mm - P 490 mm
Dim. box L 910 mm - A 900 mm - P 680 mm
Bodywork in Stainless Steel 

The Victoria Arduino espresso machine is now a symbol in the history of coffee, and in the history of Italian customs and culture throughout Europe. Symbol. When someone speaks about Victoria Arduino the references to literature, art and society are inevitable, because Victoria Arduino is such a diverse symbol. Symbol means "put together", referring back in time when there existed the habit of breaking a coin or an object into two irregular parts to use as a means of identification. Symbol is a part, something that creates an identity, a value (half a coin, by itself, would not be worth anything). 

What is Victoria Arduino a symbol of? We answer with a list. Beauty. Elegance. Refinement. Exclusivity. Uniqueness. Worldliness. Eliteness. Tradition. Culture. Value. Quality. Excellence.

The first Victoria Arduino was manufactured in 1905. It was this small initiative at the turn of the century that dramatically altered the world of coffee. Victoria Arduino is both a witness and a protagonist of the 20th century. It absorbed all the changes, the styles, and the events, while keeping its very personal image unchanged.

The creator of this original machine for espresso coffee was Pier Teresio Arduino; engineer, inventor, undoubtedly an innovator, who wanted to "put together" (maybe imagining that his coffee machines would become symbols) the classical with the modern; style with pleasure.

  • Shipping Weight: 275lbs
  • Manufactured by: Victoria Arduino

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