Venus 3 Groups Brass Semi


Pier Teresio Arduino is said to have dedicated his first creation to his wife. He called the innovative coffee machine Vittoria, or rather Victoria, for his love of the Classic world that was the source of inspiration for the names of his other creations. Victoria like Venus, goddess of the Roman pantheon. 
A perfect name that evokes the prototype of beauty, the opulence of form, the elegance, the grace, the quite feminine coquetry of she who won the vote of Paris in exchange for the love of Helen for him, she who compelled the eyes of men with arrogance and yet showed a vague virginal reluctance. 
It is the object for contemplation, the pleasure of sight, infinite love for timeless legend of beauty.
Even today, the Venus seems to preserve the splendour of the sea foam from which the goddess was born, with its ample, smooth mirrored surfaces that reflect light a thousand timesover, returning to the onlooker as in an enchanted gold, silver or copper mirror. It is a fascinating game that captivates, where a sort of spell is cast, as if captured hopelessly by the glance of a benevolent Medusa. It is somehow the attraction of Tannhäuser for Venus, or of Guerrin Meschino for the world of the fairies he encountered in Sybil’s profound loops, the deep-rooted nostalgia for the infinite goodness of the Golden Age lost and at the same time present, with the grasp of senses and sensations.  Even if a century has passed, this is all still evident in Pier Teresio Arduino’s creation: Venus.
Apart from the technological innovations brought by Pier Teresio Arduino, the reasons behind the success of the Venus coffee machine derives chiefly from the extremely seductive shape and the harmony of proportion that is reminiscent of the classic golden rule, which has also influenced contemporary design and architecture. 
At the time of Arduino’s design, modern cars, machine tools, the earliest “electrical appliances” still combined functionality withshape.  Although this was in substance linear and essential, it was in any case aesthetically developed because each object, being the work of a human being, was entitled to have its own “beauty” and its own dignity, which would in a manner of speaking redeem it from its nature of instrument that existed only in relation to its specific function.  
“Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only beauty.”  (O. Wilde)
In a world that was changing abruptly, shaking off fin du siècle conventions, the Venus made an enormous impact.  Its elegant, inspiring appearance allowed  it to triumph over and also enhance the humdrum gesture of sipping a cup of coffee.
A Work of Art
A work of art in technical and style terms. A solid, imposing and proud structure and bodywork in precious, noble materials will make any type of premises unique, from classic to modern, and even in restricted spaces.
Technical Specifications
Three Groups Semiautomatic:
Model: Venus
Groups: 3
Power : 2600 W
Net weight: 76 kg
Gross weight: 86 kg
Boiler capacity: 14,8 lt
Dimensions: L 490mm A 1070mm P 490mm
Packing dimensions: L 910mm A 900mm P 680mm
Body finishing:  Brass
Versions and Colours
Venus is available in versions with copper, brass or chrome-plated scratchproof bodywork.  These different colours mean it fits well in any surroundings, from cafés to hotel bars, theatres and cinemas.  Its vertical form means it is easy to place on any surface and in any context, guaranteeing a superb, eye-catching effect wherever it is used.
  • Model: EMXS3O002
  • Shipping Weight: 275lbs
  • Manufactured by: Victoria Arduino

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